Is Olive Garden Closing In 2024? (Rumor Or Truth)

Every foodie has probably heard rumours about the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant closing for quite some time.

Olive Garden fans are still uncertain about the answer to the question, “Is Olive Garden closing?”

Because Olive Garden Menu serves us the highest calibre Italian food at a very affordable price, people are interested in news about the restaurant closing.

Is Olive Garden Closing

The Olive Garden restaurant is now open in more than 900 locations across the country. So it’s completely understandable to understand why folks want to know the truth.

We also see much of this stuff on social media, where individuals claim that Olive Garden is closing down and going out of business.

As a result, our team began investigating the rumours that Olive Garden was closing, and we will now reveal the truth about whether the restaurant is genuinely closing or whether the rumours are untrue.

Is Olive Garden Closing?

The short answer is that Olive Garden will not shut down as of 2022, and any reports to the contrary are simply rumours spread on various social media platforms.

Even the Italian restaurant Olive Garden intends to be open for a long time.

The parent organisation of Olive Garden is Darden Restaurants, Inc. The parent company of Olive Garden restaurants has not yet announced Olive Garden restaurants are closing.

Dan Kiernan, the president of Darden Restaurant, Inc. and Olive Garden, likewise declined to comment on the idea that the restaurant’s doors will soon close.

Therefore, it is clear that the rumours about Olive Garden closing are nothing more than rumours.

Darden Restaurants, Inc., the Italian restaurant Olive Garden parent company, continuously grows its business by building up additional Olive Garden sites.

There will always be breadsticks, soup, and salad available at Olive Garden Italian Restaurant because the door is always open.

Statistics Prove Olive Garden Is Not Closing

To fact-check the closing news, you must look at Olive Garden’s current year and the prior year’s business growth.

Here are some statistics that prove Olive Garden restaurants are going out of business:

1. Darden Restaurants Still Operates Over 1,500 Restaurants

As you know, the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant is owned by Darden Restaurants.

Darden Restaurants, Inc. is the parent company of numerous restaurant chains, including Olive Garden, LongHorn Steakhouse, Yard House, Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen, The Capital Grille, Seasons 52, and many more.

Olive Garden is not going out of business because Darden Restaurants owns and runs more than 1,500 restaurants.

2. Around 96,000 Employees Are Working At Olive Garden

Over 96,000 employees work for Olive Garden, which has over 900 locations.

If Olive Garden collapses, employing this many people won’t be possible.

3. Darden Restaurants Invested $200 Million In Employees Benefit Programs

Darden Restaurants, Inc. employs more than 175,000 people. More than $200 million was recently invested by Darden Restaurants to provide improved employee perks.

Another significant data that shows Olive Garden is not closing any of its sites is this one.

4. Olive Garden Restaurants Have $3.8 Billion In Annual Sales

Every year, Olive Garden restaurants report stronger sales than the year before.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant had amazing annual sales of over $3.8 billion last year.

5. Olive Garden Captured A Record Of $118 Million In Segment Profit In The Fourth Quarter

Without a doubt, the top chain of casual dining restaurants in the country is Olive Garden.

Olive Garden had a record-breaking 118 USD million profit in the fourth quarter of last year.

6. Olive Garden Restaurants Donated More Than 35 Million Pounds Of Food

Olive Garden’s commitment to lowering global hunger sends a message that they generate enough revenue to support its operations.

Over 38 million pounds of food have been donated to nearby neighbourhood food banks by Olive Garden restaurants since 2003.

Additionally, 83.3 million meals have already been given away countrywide by all Darden Restaurants companies.

Reasons Why Olive Garden Is Not Going Out Of Business

Is Olive Garden Closing

News regarding “Olive Garden permanently closing” is frequently seen on social media platforms.

So let’s examine some excellent arguments against the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant’s permanent closure.

Olive Garden is The Number One Italian Chain Restaurant:

Since this day, Olive Garden has occupied the top spot among international chains of Italian restaurants. Olive Garden is the finest in terms of food quality and price.

Booking New Locations Constantly:

There are currently about 900 Olive Garden establishments. However, Olive Garden continues to open restaurants in new cities across the country, which won’t be possible if Olive Garden closes.

Extensive Growth:

Did you know that in 1982, the Olive Garden opened its doors in Florida? And Olive Garden now has locations across the country.

Darden Restaurants Abundant Annual Sales:

Another important factor keeping Olive Garden in business is Darden Restaurants, Inc.’s annual revenue of almost USD 7 billion.

Enormous Contribution To The Local Community:

The support provided by Olive Garden Italian Restaurant to the neighbourhood is noteworthy. Olive Garden gives back to the neighbourhood by providing jobs and food donations.

Where Did These Rumors Exactly Come From?

In the fiscal years 2019 and 2020, there was a significant explosion of talk about Olive Garden closing.

Restaurant businesses are truly suffering over these years due to the insecure global environment.

Leading news organisations, including CNBC, CNN, FOX News, and others, are reporting on the losses Darden Restaurants, Inc suffered.

The biggest chain of Italian restaurants in the world is Olive Garden, as you are already aware.

As a result, Olive Garden supporters are sharing information about the chain’s closure on social media.

Therefore, it can be claimed that these rumours concerning Olive Garden’s operations originate in the media, social media, and television news.

In fiscal years 2019–20, Darden Restaurants, Inc.’s sales decreased by 43%, and Darden Restaurants’ subsidiaries also saw significant revenue losses.

Some Olive Garden stores had to close across the country. However, they made no mention of going out of business.

What Is The Future Of Olive Garden Restaurants

Is Olive Garden Closing

Olive Garden will generate more money in the future.

The parent business of Olive Garden is growing both its domestic and global restaurant market share.

Olive Garden Italian Restaurant has a history of profit growth as of 2022, which portends well for Olive Garden restaurants going forward.

Olive Garden offers more customers by expanding its outlets, which generates greater profits than ever.

The most profitable Darden Restaurants division is LongHorn Steakhouse, followed by Olive Garden.

The Darden Restaurants corporation also makes additional efforts to raise salaries and benefits for workers.

The Olive Garden restaurant’s future is relatively solid and sustainable regarding business development and model.

Is Olive Garden Profitable?

A popular and highly profitable restaurant franchise in the US is called Olive Garden.

Olive Garden is the largest chain of Italian restaurants in the world, almost 40 years ago.

Every quarter of the fiscal year saw Olive Garden surpass its profit margin from the preceding quarter.

However, during the world’s shutdown in the 2019–20 fiscal year, Olive Garden did indeed lock its doors due to restrictions.

The Olive Garden Italian Restaurant likewise experiences significant losses, but they resume operations in the fiscal year 2020–2021.

In addition to the Philippines, Olive Garden is still adding new restaurant locations in the United States and Canada.

Olive Garden Profit Margin

The profit margin for Olive Garden in the first quarter of 2022 is 25.5%.

Additionally, by considering Olive Garden’s business strategy and operations, it is possible to forecast that Olive Garden will increase its profit margin in a few years.

The Olive Garden Italian Restaurant’s authentic cuisine and reasonable prices attract more guests and revenue.

Olive Garden should expect an increase in its profit margin of about 2% over the previous year.

To maintain Olive Garden’s profit margin over a year and a quarter, Olive Garden’s parent company is also investing more money.

Future Olive Garden Locations

Is Olive Garden Closing

Since its founding, Olive Garden has consistently celebrated the launch of new restaurants across the country.

Five new Olive Garden locations:

1. East Point – Camp Creek Marketplace

There aren’t many Olive Garden establishments in Georgia. Olive Garden announced that it would open a store in East Point, Georgia.

  • Address: 3390 Camp Creek Parkway, East Point, GA-30344
  • Phone Number: (404) 439-8818

2. In The City Of Benton, AR

Olive Garden is going to open its first restaurant location in Benton, Arkansas.

  • Address: 16732 Interstate 30 N, Benton, AR-72019
  • Phone Number: (501) 575-3353

3. Natomas Sacramento – The Promenade Shopping Mall

Olive Garden is going to open a new restaurant location in the city of Sacramento, California.

  • Address: 3511 N Freeway Blvd, Sacramento, CA-95834
  • Phone Number: (279) 499-3274

4. Central Park Commons

Olive Garden recently opened a location in the city of Eagan, Minnesota.

  • Address: 3290 Central Park Village Drive, Eagan, MN-55121
  • Phone Number: (952) 324-7021

5. Delafield, WI

Olive Garden is now available in Delafield city. So, be there to get authentic Italian food taste.

  • Address: 2440 Milwaukee St., Delafield, WI-53018
  • Phone Number: (262) 646-2183

FAQs – Is The Olive Garden Closing Down?

Is Olive Garden Closing In Michigan?

In Michigan, the Olive Garden Italian Restaurant won’t be closing either.

It would help if you weren’t overly concerned about the notion that Olive Garden is closing because it is spread via social media.

Is Olive Garden Closing In Canada?

The Canadian locations of Olive Garden won’t be shutting down. Nothing regarding closure is mentioned on the Olive Garden Canada website.

There will be eight Olive Garden restaurants in Canada by 2022.

There are two Olive Garden restaurants in Manitoba, one in Calgary, two in Alberta, and at least one in every other province.

There is a great opportunity for Olive Garden to expand its presence in Canada.

Is Olive Garden shutting down?

As we’ve already stated, Olive Garden isn’t closing. But by conducting a cursory investigation into Olive Garden, it is rather simple to understand where these rumours originated.

As previously mentioned, the parent business of Olive Garden, Darden Restaurants, has not always performed as well as Olive Garden.

Is Olive Garden Closing In Ohio?

There are multiple Olive Garden establishments in the state of Ohio. There are now 10 locations of Olive Garden Italian Restaurant in Ohio.

Since this is merely a rumour, Olive Garden won’t be closing any of its sites in Ohio.

The city of Springfield is the most well-known Olive Garden outlet in Ohio.

Final Thoughts

No Olive Garden restaurants are closing. Instead, the company that owns Olive Garden, Darden Restaurants, Inc., is planning to open more restaurants.

First of all, the news that Olive Garden will close is just a rumor. The rumor got around the world through social media sites.

Next, Olive Garden Italian Restaurant will put money into its employees and open new restaurants.

When you look at Olive Garden’s profit margin and sales, it’s clear that they won’t be going out of business soon.

So, we can say that in the future, we will be able to eat as much salad, soup, and breadsticks as we want at Olive Garden.

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