Olive Garden Chicken Marsala Menu With Prices

Olive Garden Chicken Marsala Menu with Prices

Olive Garden Chicken Marsala Menu 🍲: In this article we will provide you complete information like Olive Garden Chicken Marsala menu, price, nutrition facts.

Pasta, Salads, Soups, & traditional Italian main courses are just Some of the options available at Olive Garden, a chain of Italian-American Restaurants.

Chicken Marsala, breasts sautéed in Marsala wine sauce with mushrooms, served above a bed of creamy mashed potatoes, is a top seller.

Olive Garden Chicken Marsala

Chicken Marsala at Olive Garden will cost you between $16.99 & $17.99 in 2023.

Customers can choose from a variety of optional accompaniments, including farm veggies, or pay a little extra for limitless soup, salad, & breadsticks.

The Chicken Marsala at Olive Garden is a Delicious & reasonably priced take on a classic Italian meal.

Olive Garden Chicken Marsala Menu in 2023

Olive Garden Chicken Marsala 🍲 has become a very popular dish in the country. Olive Garden Chicken Marsala can be found in every Olive Garden restaurant.

Olive Garden Chicken Marsala Menu Prices

Olive Garden Chicken Marsala Menu Price
Chicken Marsala $19.49

Chicken Marsala Menu Nutrition Facts

On the basis of data retrieved from Olive Garden’s website in 2023, the following Nutritional information has been compiled for Chicken Marsala

Nutrition Facts Amount Per Serving
Calories 710
Total Fat 31g
Saturated Fat 12g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholesterol 165mg
Sodium 1600mg
Total Carbohydrates 42g
Dietary Fiber 4g
Sugars 5g
Protein 61g

It’s important to keep in mind that the exact location & method of preparation can have a small impact on these nutritional estimates.

If You have food Allergies or Dietary Restrictions it is best To check the restaurant’s Website or call beforehand To get the details, as well as consult a doctor.

Olive Garden Chicken Marsala Review


 FAQs About Olive Garden

FAQs About Olive Garden Menu

What varieties of food does Olive Garden serve?

Pasta dishes, Soups, Salads, Appetizers, & traditional Italian dinners like Chicken Parmigiana & Lasagna are just a Few of the Italian-American cuisine options Available at Olive Garden.

Is a gluten-free menu available at Olive Garden?

Yes , Olive Garden has a Menu that is free of Gluten that features a Variety of foods such as Gluten-free Pasta, salads, & soups.

Customers with celiac disease or severe gluten allergies should use caution & consult with their waiter because cross-contamination may still happen in the kitchen.

Can I alter my Olive Garden meal?

Absolutely, consumers can alter their meals at Olive Garden by adding or taking away components, modifying the sauce or seasoning, and more. Some adjustments may be subject to additional fees.

Does Olive Garden serve vegan or vegetarian food?

The Garden Fresh Salad, Minestrone Soup, Spaghetti with Marinara Sauce, & Eggplant Parmigiana are just a Few of the Vegetarian & vegan alternatives that Olive Garden Offers.

What are the Olive Garden prices like?

The pricing at Olive Garden varies depending on the location & the exact dish. Nonetheless, in general, the costs are modest & accessible given the caliber & quantity of the cuisine provided.

Does Olive Garden provide takeout or delivery?

Yes, customers may order takeout & delivery from Olive Garden via their website or mobile app. In addition, they provide curbside collection for clients that favor contactless services.

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