The Strange Olive Garden Menu Item That You Probably Forgot About

If You want real Italian food, You Might not want to go to Olive Garden. Even though many of the foods On the menu have Italian names, it’s Not a secret that most of them are very Americanized.

From the Breadsticks to the fettucine Alfredo to the idea of putting chicken on pasta or putting a pile of parmesan on top of everything, Olive Garden’s food is a long way from traditional Italian food.

Even Though the Food at Olive Garden isn’t Real, it’s still a popular place to eat. People always come back for certain dishes, like the Tour of Italy main course or the endless soup, salad, and breadsticks.

The Strange Olive Garden Menu Item That You Probably Forgot About

But Olive Garden also keeps customers interested by adding new things to the menu every so often, like the never-ending stuffed pasta in 2012 and the hot Alfredo chicken tenders in 2019.

Most Olive Garden fans will remember seeing advertising for these dishes, but you might not remember seeing ads for spaghetti pie.

Jenna Bush rated the food when it first came out by asking her Today cohost Hoda Kotb, “Who knew that spaghetti and pie had a baby?” Kotb held up the plate and said, “This thing is… it’s dense.”

Olive Garden Used To Offer Spaghetti Pie

Back in 2016, Olive Garden said it would be adding a few New things to its menu, And spaghetti pie was one of them. There Were two kinds of spaghetti pie: One with meatballs and one with chicken sauce.

The Only difference between the two pies was the sauce. Both had spaghetti, seven cheeses, and Italian bacon baked into a crust.

The Strange Olive Garden Menu Item That You Probably Forgot About

It might seem strange to use spaghetti as a pie filling, but when it came out, the chef at Olive Garden, Jim Nuetzi, told BuzzFeed that spaghetti pie was a true Italian dish.

As it turns out, Nuetzi’s claim wasn’t too far from the truth. Italians make a dish called timpano (or timballo) that closely resembles the way Olive Garden prepares spaghetti pie. Timpano, like spaghetti pie, consists of a base filled with pasta, usually using ziti instead of spaghetti.

What Happened To Olive Garden Spaghetti Pie?

Most Restaurants take things off the menu because they don’t sell enough of them, But Olive Garden had no trouble getting people to order spaghetti pie.

When it was briefly available in 2016, it Got Mostly Good reviews, And a quick Google search will turn up a lot of copycat recipes, which shows how popular it was.

Olive Garden probably already knew that the novelty would only be around for a short time, And comments on one Facebook post seem to back this up.

In May 2016, Facebook fans started asking how long it would be on the menu, But Olive Garden only gave vague answers like “We Recommend coming in soon so you don’t miss out” And “We can get the details for you.”

Please send us a private message with your email address when you get a chance.” Olive Garden may have kept the date a secret so that customers would still come even though they were getting rid of a popular dish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Spaghetti Pie a popular Italian dish?

Spaghetti Pie is not an Italian dish in the usual sense. It’s a popular Italian-American dish that started out as a baked pasta meal.

Why did Olive Garden discontinue Spaghetti Pie?

Olive Garden changes its menu every so often to add new dishes and tastes. As part of this food change, Spaghetti Pie was taken off the menu.

Can I make changes to the Spaghetti Pie recipe?

You can make the Spaghetti Pie recipe your own by adding your favorite veggies, meats, or spices.

Are there any alternatives to using ricotta cheese?

Yes, You Can use cottage cheese or a mixture of cream cheese And sour cream instead of ricotta cheese if you don’t like it.

Can I freeze leftover Spaghetti Pie?

Yes, You can freeze Spaghetti Pie that has been left over. Make sure it is well wrapped or kept in a container that keeps air out to keep it fresh. When You’re Ready To Eat, Just let it thaw And put it in the oven until it’s hot all the way through.

Does Spaghetti Pie reheat well?

Yes, Spaghetti Pie reheats well. Store any leftover pie in the refrigerator and reheat individual portions in the microwave or oven until warmed through.


Many People have a Special place in their hearts for Olive Garden Spaghetti Pie Because of its unique tastes And textures.

Even though the restaurant no longer serve this food, fans still talk about the memories and nostalgia they have with it. With a little work in the kitchen, You can bring back the magic of Spaghetti Pie and taste how good it is again.

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