Olive Garden’s Unlimited Breadsticks Are Back

Olive Garden’s limitless breadsticks are back on the menu following a break caused by the COVID-19 epidemic so that carb lovers can rejoice.

In 2020, in reaction to the pandemic, the infamously infinite basket of breadsticks was taken from the menu, partly because they switched to a take-out focus and partly to save money.

Unlimited Breadsticks Olive Garden

Olive Garden Menu has suffered from the COVID-19 pandemic, just like many other businesses, particularly eateries. Many restaurants will be unable to offer in-person eating in 2020.

Take-out orders did not include unlimited breadsticks. Hence this option was briefly taken off the menu. Fortunately, endless breadsticks have returned!

Can You Get Unlimited Breadsticks at Olive Garden? 

Yes! In addition to limitless soup and salad, Olive Garden is once again serving endless breadsticks.

You cannot take advantage of this offer if you purchase takeout because these specials are only available to dine-in customers.

You can have as many breadsticks as you like at Olive Garden with whatever dinner you order. There are no restrictions on how frequently you can ask your server to refill your breadstick basket.

Although there have been speculations that Olive Garden will close, the company is doing extremely well now that indoor eating is once again available in most places.

Some of the most popular options include never-ending soup, salad, and breadsticks, and since they are available only in stores, sales are soaring.

According to some accounts, pre-pandemic 2019 sales were surpassed in 2021.

How many breadsticks do you get with Olive Garden To Go? 

You can still order breadsticks if you order Olive Garden to go. Typically, each ordered entree comes with two breadsticks.

However, if you desire more, you can request an additional side of breadsticks, which includes 6.

How many breadsticks do you get at Olive Garden? 

Your waitress will normally bring out a basket of breadsticks for your whole group, plus one when you settle down.

All you’ll get if you don’t order any food is that. However, if you order an entree, your meal has unlimited breadsticks.

If you request more breadsticks, servers won’t automatically refill your basket whenever it runs out. The number you can fit in your stomach is the sole restriction.

Can you take breadsticks home from Olive Garden? 

You can take the extra breadsticks home if you haven’t eaten them at your table. However, your Olive Garden waitress is not permitted to refill your breadsticks as you leave to take any with you.

Although it’s fairly uncommon for customers to try to take additional breadsticks home, this is usually not permitted until you run out at the table.

FAQs – Olive Garden Breadsticks Unlimited

What’s the thinking behind unlimited breadsticks?

It seems appropriate for a business whose slogan is “when you’re here, you’re family” to serve limitless breadsticks alongside soup and salad to symbolize “the spirit of Italian generosity.”

According to an Olive Garden representative, the popular meal is inspired by Italian cuisine.

Does Olive Garden do unlimited salad and breadsticks with an entree?

We now provide a complimentary drink with the purchase of our limitless soup, salad, and breadsticks entrée—how that’s we do lunch!

How much is unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks at Olive Garden?

On its lunch and supper menus, Olive Garden offers limitless breadsticks, salad, and soup at various price points.

The meal costs roughly $7.99 for lunch and about $9.99 for dinner (depending on location).

Is there a limit on Olive Garden breadsticks?

There is a breadstick policy at Olive Garden. A server is typically expected to bring one stick for each person and an extra for the first basket. The general norm is one breadstick per person after that.

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