What You Need To Know Before Ordering Dessert At Olive Garden

What You Need To Know Before Ordering Dessert At Olive Garden

Olive Garden May be the ultimate destination for endless breadsticks and pasta.

The luscious layers of their Black Tie Mousse Cake or the symphony of espresso-soaked ladyfingers, silky mascarpone, and cocoa dust in the Italian-American chain’s tiramisu, beg for sweet treats after pasta, but who can resist?

Whatever You choose to eat, you can find yourself instantly transported to an Italian dessert haven. However, There are a Few things You should know before getting started.

What You Need To Know Before Ordering Dessert At Olive Garden

For instance, did you know that all of the desserts at Olive Garden are served frozen? It’s true, and you could approach your next dessert craving differently now.

However, Don’t let that stop you from satisfying your sweet desire on your subsequent visit. There are techniques to make sure you still enjoy dessert to the fullest.

We’re here to walk you through the ins And outs of the Dessert Menu at Olive Garden, providing information on what you should know about delicious Italian sweets and how to order correctly.

Does Olive Garden Make its Desserts?

Whether Olive Garden prepares its own desserts is unknown. Reader’s Digest claims that the chain restaurant’s desserts are not served fresh like their daily soups, but rather are frozen until they are ready to be served whether they are made in-house or are purchased in bulk from outside suppliers.

Some customers who are accustomed to freshly produced pasta that is delivered hot from the kitchen may find this surprising. However, does that imply that providing frozen desserts is undesirable? It comes down to taste, but not really, really.

What You Need To Know Before Ordering Dessert At Olive Garden

If you’ve ever ordered dessert from Olive Garden, you’ve probably observed that even after being frozen, they retain their quality and flavor. Additionally, it appears to be a standard practice in the present-day restaurant sector.

Even Tyler Cowen, an economist, told The Washington Post that it was challenging for restaurants to profit with desserts these days. In the discussion, Cowen focused on the possibility that restaurants might genuinely not want you to order dessert: “I don’t think many benefit when people order them anymore.”

The tiramisu or Sicilian Cheesecake you purchase at Olive Garden the next time the dessert menu is presented won’t be created there and then, regardless of where they are made; rather, they will be taken out of the freezer, warmed up, and plated for serving.

The Best Desserts To Order at Olive Garden

There are plenty of decadent delicacies on the dessert menu to choose from if you don’t care about selecting the healthiest Olive Garden menu items (don’t worry, tiramisu somehow makes the cut).

But which sweet option is the most satisfying? It depends on your taste, but a former staffer says the small Dolcini pastries aren’t worth the money.

Former Olive Garden waitress Michaela Spain verified that the Dolcini desserts are never created to order in an interview with Insider.

Spain admitted, “The Dolcini is the worst dessert to order.” “They’re usually frozen, and the two spoonfuls you get are pricey. Additionally, the flavors all essentially taste the same.

What You Need To Know Before Ordering Dessert At Olive Garden

In contrast, a study of Olive Garden customers regarding the restaurant’s sweet options by our found that the Sicilian Cheesecake was the clear favorite among respondents. Who could blame them with its creamy texture and delectably tart flavor?

While the Sicilian cheesecake may be the most popular choice, the study also revealed that the Chocolate Brownie Lasagna was the least preferred dessert.

After a carb-laden Italian supper, guests thought the eight-layer dessert, which was inspired by its savory cousin, was too hefty.

Wait for the arrival of the beloved fall dessert from Olive Garden if you’re feeling festive. Cinnamon and nutmeg are only two of the cozy, warming ingredients that make up the Pumpkin Cheesecake.

Wait for them to bring out those delicious little Andes mints they provide with the check if you’re completely put off by the fact that the desserts aren’t cooked fresh to order. Issue is resolved.


When it Comes to Ordering Dessert at Olive Garden, From the classic tiramisu to the mouth-watering black tie mousse cake, Olive Garden Offers a Wide range of desserts to please every palate.

Think About what you like and what you need to eat, And don’t forget to try the unique desserts. So, If You go to Olive Garden again, Make sure you save room for dessert.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I order dessert at Olive Garden without ordering a meal?

Yes, you can order dessert at Olive Garden even if you didn’t eat a full meal. All guests can order from the dessert menu, whether they eat in or just stop by for a sweet treat.

Are there any healthy dessert options at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden has a lot of sweet desserts, but they also have choices for those who want something healthier. Ask your server for suggestions on lighter treats or look for ones that are made with fruit.

Can I share a dessert at Olive Garden?

Absolutely! At Olive Garden, many of the desserts come in big portions that are great for sharing. Just tell your server.

Are the dessert offerings at Olive Garden suitable for children?

Yes, there are desserts at Olive Garden that even kids will like. They have choices for kids that are sure to make them happy, like chocolate mousse and cookies.

Can I order dessert to go from Olive Garden?

Yes, Olive Garden has takeout and guests can order desserts to eat at home. It’s a Great Choice if you want something sweet after a meal or want to treat yourself later.

How do I know which dessert to choose from the menu?

Choosing a dessert can be a delightful dilemma. Consider your preferences, cravings, and dietary needs. Read the descriptions on the menu, ask your server for recommendations, and trust your taste buds to guide you towards the perfect dessert.

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