How Much Does Olive Garden Pay?

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay?

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay: Olive Garden is a Popular Italian-American Restaurant chain known for its delicious pasta dishes, flavorful sauces, And warm hospitality.

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

If You’re Considering a job at Olive Garden, One of the key factors you may be curious about is the compensation. In This article, we will explore how much Olive Garden pays its employees.

Starting Salary

As You may already be aware, Each state has a different minimum wage. Additionally, it’s quite low in several states. The Current federal minimum wage is only $7.25 Per Hour.

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

Fortunately, Olive Garden pays significantly more than this, even for employees who have recently started working there. At Olive Garden, No employee makes less than $11 per hour.

Different Positions At Olive Garden

It’s not easy to answer the question of what Olive Garden employees are paid. It depends on the specific task you are doing out. Naturally, The Amount You Receive will also differ depending On whether you are working a full- or part-time schedule.


How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

The Olive Garden’s hosts serve as the first line of defense. They welcome customers inside and help them pick a table from their position at the front of the eatery.

The initial impression a customer has of the store is the host’s responsibility.

What are the duties of a host?

Customers are greeted by Olive Garden staff members who then select a table for them. Additionally, they offer menus, noting whether any children’s meals or high chairs are needed.

They must adhere to the rotation in order to prevent the servers from being overloaded with too many tables at once.

A good host should have these qualities in spades. They require mental clarity, as well as a level head and heart. It also goes without saying that they ought to have a welcoming presence for hungry customers!

How much do hosts make an hour?

Olive Garden hosts typically make $11.85 per hour. The most of the time, they don’t get tips, yet some places might have one.

However, this is at the manager’s decision, so it’s not something that should be taken for granted.


How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

Bussers at Olive Garden have the lowest pay of the front-of-house positions. However, That does not imply that the task is simple. Bussers are Essential to a restaurant’s efficient operation.

What does a busser do?

Cleaning and clearing away trash from tables is the busser’s responsibility. To maintain the highest possible levels of hygiene at all times, bussers also clean the tables.

Okay, So it’s Not the World’s most glamorous profession. But it’s a crucial one. If You have no prior experience, a Job as a busser is a fantastic way to start out in the restaurant business.

Bussers Hourly Pay

Olive Garden pays their bussers an hourly wage of $11.40 on average. The typical work week for bussers is 30 hours. That amounts to $342 weekly or $17,784 annually.


How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

We have now examined every front-of-house position at Olive Garden. But What about those behind the scenes? How Much do kitchen staff at Olive Garden make?

What does a dishwasher do?

Dishwashing is done. Pots and pans used by the cooks as well as the dining room’s plates and bowls. It’s a boring job.

But achieving a service that runs smoothly is essential. Additionally, it’s a wonderful first position for anyone looking to enter the culinary sector.

Dishwasher Hourly Pay

Olive Garden’s dishwashing staff makes more money than you may imagine. They Earn about $14.43 an hour. With a 35-hour workweek, That equals an annual total of $26,262.


How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

Servers in restaurants occupy a special position. They receive their base compensation, but tips are constantly added on top of that.

In crowded places, servers can make a lot of money because it’s customary to leave a 20% gratuity of the whole bill.

What does a server do?

The most time is spent with guests by the servers. They are in charge of welcoming guests, taking orders, and delivering meals. Additionally, they must offer culinary recommendations and swiftly accept payments.

Being a people person is necessary to work as a server. Servers should be cheerful, personable, and have a positive attitude. They also need to have a strong sense of organization and be skilled with money.

How much do servers make an hour?

Olive Garden servers often make $14.70 per hour on average. However, this may increase or decrease based on tips. There will be a significant increase in compensation if you work in a busy store.


How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

Customers are greeted by hosts, servers bring the food, and now we need a drink server! And a bartender can help with that. Wines, beers, spirits, and soft drinks for non-drinkers are all handled under this role.

What does a bartender do?

Bartenders are Responsible for two tasks. They begin by filling the drink orders placed by restaurant servers. However, They are also in charge of the patrons Who decide to sit at the bar as opposed to a table.

It’s Harder than it looks to work in a bar. You need to be able to make a variety of different cocktails, thus you need to have an excellent recall. You should also be mentally organized to be able to look after the servers and the bar patrons.

Bartenders Hourly Pay

Most front-of-house employees make a little less than what bartenders do. They are considering an hourly wage of $15.85 on average. However, depending on tips, this can go up or down, just like with servers.

Line Cooks

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

The people who prepare the delectable pasta, soups, and salads are line cooks. This position often requires a small team of coworkers in each restaurant. This isn’t an easy job because things can get chaotic during a busy dinner hour.

How much does a line cook make?

The typical wage for an Olive Garden line cook is $14.85 per hour. Since they’re typically expected to work 35 hours each week, their annual salary comes to $27,027.

It’s a demanding job that necessitates exerting a lot of effort under trying circumstances. Some eateries demand that servers tip the kitchen staff. However, this isn’t the Olive Garden’s stated policy.

Therefore, line cooks shouldn’t rely on gratuities from front-of-house staff.

Prep Cooks

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

At Olive Garden, there are two different kinds of cooks: line and prep. Prep cooks ensure that everything is prepared for service while line cooks handle the busy task of cooking during service.

They prepare everything before the lunch rush starts, chopping vegetables, setting out the mise en place, and so on.

How much does a prep cook make?

Typically, prep cooks make a little less money than line cooks, but not much less. An Hourly wage of $14.45 is typical.

That amounts to $26,299 per year, assuming they work 35 hours per week. Again, at the majority of Olive Gardens, servers are not required to give the prep chefs a gratuity.

Thus, There aren’t Many Opportunities to increase your income. Prep Cooks must accept the hourly wage that the firm offers.

Restaurant Managers

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

You make it sound like you’d be a fantastic restaurant manager! The restaurant’s manager is in charge and is ultimately accountable for everything that occurs there.

What does a manager do?

What a manager doesn’t do might be a better question. They handle everything, including serving, wages, and schedules. When they need an extra set of hands, they sometimes even have to run inside the kitchen.

A manager needs to be an outstanding leader. They must always maintain composure and clarity of thought. Of course, they also need to have good people skills in order to deal with challenging clients.

How much do managers make?

At Olive Garden, most positions are hourly. For a Manager, however, such is not the case. The Typical salary for this salaried position is $53,527 per year.

Additionally, managers at Olive Garden receive annual bonuses. The amount ranges from $3000 to $5000. However, The amount you receive depends on how well your store is doing, So keep things under control!

To-go Specialists

How Much Does Olive Garden Pay

It might surprise you to learn that the servers do not handle to-go orders. Olive Garden employs individuals whose sole responsibility is to manage takeout. And the money isn’t too bad for this.

What does a to-go specialist do?

Orders are taken by to-go specialists over the phone or in person. After that, they set the meal out and pack it with the proper flatware and napkins. Finally, they must ensure that the right individual receives the order.

This position requires an organized mind. outstanding listening and customer service abilities, too. Additionally, They must be quick On their feet and able To maintain composure under pressure.

How much do to-go specialists make?

To-go experts can anticipate earning about $12.15 per hour. If You Work 40 hours a week at a full-time job, That comes out to $25,272 annually.

Though some consumers don’t think they should tip for takeout, they do have the potential to earn a little extra with tips.

How Often Does Olive Garden Pay?

A wonderful place to work to maintain your income flow is Olive Garden. The majority of stores pay their staff weekly. Others continue to pay servers and bartenders once a week while paying the kitchen crew every two weeks.

On Mondays, the Olive Garden pay period starts. After the restaurant shuts on Sunday, it is over. On the Friday following the end of the pay period, employees are paid.


Olive Garden does not offer very substantial raises, but they are also not insufficient either. Once a year, following a full year of service, they often take place. They typically range from 1% to 3% of your previous salary.

Why does that matter? Let’s Say you work as a busser And earn $11.40 per hour. 0.228 is equal to a 2% raise. As a result, You would receive a few cents more every hour.


In the restaurant business, Olive Garden provides a variety of employment options with attractive pay. Olive Garden attempts to offer its employees fair and satisfying pay, from hourly positions with the possibility of tips to management positions that are paid on a salary.

Factors Such as job position, experience, tenure, and location influence pay rates. With Opportunities for growth and development, Olive Garden fosters a work environment that values its employees and their professional aspirations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the starting pay at Olive Garden?

Depending on the occupation and region, Olive Garden employees might earn different starting salaries. The hourly rate plus gratuities that employees in entry-level jobs, like servers or hosts/hostesses, often get can greatly increase their entire income.

Do Olive Garden employees receive any benefits?

Yes, Olive Garden Provides a variety of perks to its staff members, including paid time off, health insurance, retirement programs, and employee discounts. Based On elements such as job position, hours worked, And length of employment with the organization, the precise benefits granted may change.

How often do Olive Garden employees receive raises?

Based on elements including performance, tenure, and promotion opportunities, Olive Garden’s frequency of raises may change. Olive Garden places a high importance on the professional advancement of its staff, and promotions frequently honor hard work and achievement.

Are there opportunities for career advancement at Olive Garden?

Yes, there are prospects for career progression at Olive Garden. For employees to advance in their professions and expand their talents, the corporation supports internal promotions and provides training programs. Employees may begin in entry-level positions and advance to higher-level responsibilities within the company.

Do Olive Garden employees receive tips?

Yes, in addition to their hourly pay, some employees at Olive Garden, such servers and hosts/hostesses, may get gratuities from patrons. Their salary can be greatly increased by tips.

What are the benefits of working at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden offers a number of advantages to employees, including paid time off, employee discounts, access to retirement programs, health insurance, and paid time off. Olive Garden also offers a supportive work atmosphere and chances for professional advancement.

Are there any educational or training opportunities at Olive Garden?

Yes, Olive Garden provides training courses for staff members to develop their abilities. These courses concentrate on things like leadership development, culinary preparation, and customer service. Olive Garden supports ongoing education and offers tools for staff development.

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