Olive Garden $8.99 Early Dinner Duos

Olive Garden $8.99 Early Dinner Duos

Do you want to eat dinner early? Olive Garden is now offering Early Dinner Duos for $8.99.

If you want To eat dinner Monday through Thursday between 3:00 And 5:00 PM, Olive Garden has a great deal on Some great Italian dishes. Add soup or salad To your favourite main dish.

There are 50 different ways to do it! Your dinner always comes with as many breadsticks as you want. OliveGarden.com has all the Early Dinner Duo options.

Olive Garden Early Dinner Duos

The $8.99 Early Dinner Duos deal is available at some locations Monday through Thursday from 3:00 to 5:00 PM for a limited time. Alaska, California, Times Square, and Canada all have different prices. Only for dine-in.

There are no takeouts at this price. On Memorial Day, most Olive Garden restaurants will be open as usual (Monday, May 27.)

What is on The Menu Olive Garden Early Dinner

These Early Dinner Duos come with unlimited soup or salad, breadsticks, and a main dish.

You can get meat sauce, fettuccine alfredo, eggplant parmigiana, five cheese ziti al forno, creamy mushroom ravioli, cheese ravioli with marinara, chicken parmigiana, chicken piccata, or chicken margheri.

How Much is The Cheapest Meal at Olive Garden?

When the Restaurant isn’t as Busy as it Would be at Dinnertime, Monday through Thursday From 3 To 5 p.m.,

You can get an Entree from a set menu, Unlimited soup or salad, and unlimited breadsticks for just $8.99 per person (again, the exact price may vary according to location). 

FAQs – Olive Garden $8.99 Early Dinner Duos

How much is the early dinner duos at Olive Garden?

For a limited time, Olive Garden is offering “Early Dinner Duos” for $8.99 to help you beat the dinner rush (may vary).

The dine-in-only promotion is available Monday through Thursday from 3 to 5 PM, when the restaurant is less busy. You can choose unlimited soup or salad (and breadsticks) and one of a few entrees.

Does Olive Garden have a catering menu?

Olive Garden catering menu is very well-known. Olive Garden menu also has a wide range of drinks.

What is the breadstick rule at Olive Garden?

There is a breadstick policy at Olive Garden. A server is typically expected to bring one stick for each person as well as an extra for the first basket. The general norm is one breadstick per person after that.

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