The Latest Olive Garden Takeout Hack Is A Real Money-Saver

The Latest Olive Garden Takeout Hack Is A Real Money-Saver

If You Enjoy Eating at Olive Garden, especially in the convenience of your own home, You’ll want to pay attention.

You already know how simple it is to enjoy their famous breadsticks, salad, and spaghetti at your kitchen table; all you need to do is place an online order and pick it up.

However, you might not be aware of the most recent money-saving tip that will enable you to enjoy a wonderful Olive Garden lunch at home for a much reduced cost.

The Latest Olive Garden Takeout Hack Is A Real Money-Saver

You can use one simple way to get a little extra money off your next Olive Garden order. Given that all you’ll be doing is reading directly from the menu without any adds, subtractions, or other adjustments, we shouldn’t even call it a trick.

Picking from the kids menu will allow you to save money on your subsequent takeaway order. No one will know your age besides you, so you don’t need to seem bashful or embarrassed.

But why would you choose a dish from the kids’ menu? Wouldn’t the portions be smaller? According To testimonials, Not only will you be saving money, But you’ll still be able to have a surprisingly filling lunch.

Olive Garden Kids Meals are Actually Pretty Big for Their Price

Most kids’ meals cost less than their counterparts on the main menu, allowing you to save money. This is primarily because you pay less for smaller portions. After all, it’s unrealistic to expect a 5-year-old child to devour a full adult-sized dish of five-cheese spaghetti on their own.

The Olive Garden kids menu offers a surprisingly diverse array of options. Children can choose between grapes, broccoli, French fries, spaghetti, and a beverage, in addition to selecting chicken, pasta, or pizza.

The Latest Olive Garden Takeout Hack Is A Real Money-Saver

Breadsticks from Olive Garden are also included with every meal for children as they are with every meal. In March, one woman tried out this method, and from the looks of her TikTok, she was fairly taken aback. She could get spaghetti, breadsticks, chicken Alfredo, and a drink for $9.

The Olive Garden, believe it or not, actually has an even more affordable alternative to the kids menu hack, even though a substantial amount of food for only a few dollars outweighs the need to swallow your pride and purchase from the kids menu.

Olive Garden offers Take Home Entrées for $6

The Olive Garden does appear to have a less expensive option despite the fact that it doesn’t seem to have seen adults ordering from the kids menu.

As part of their “$6 Take Home Entrées” promotion, Olive Garden gives patrons three traditional entrées: spaghetti with meat sauce, five cheese ziti, and fettuccine Alfredo. Yes, that is less expensive than the prices for items on the kids’ menu.

The Latest Olive Garden Takeout Hack Is A Real Money-Saver

This menu is less expensive, but it does have a few minor downsides. First, unlike regular Olive Garden takeaway, you will receive these entrées cold, with the expectation that you will reheat the food yourself.

Also, when ordering the entrées, you won’t receive a breadstick. While you will still get a full, pre-cooked entrée for $6, it’s more akin to receiving a leftover meal for enjoying Olive Garden later on, rather than purchasing a supper meant for immediate consumption.

The Take Home Entrées are not a bad deal if you’re in the mood for something you can reheat and enjoy later. Use the kids menu to reduce the cost of your meal if you prefer a more substantial, hot, and ready-to-eat meal.


For People who like the ease of placing meal orders to and from restaurants, the sophisticated Olive Garden Takeout Hack is a game-changer.

Customers can get huge savings while still enjoying their favorite foods by ordering from the kids menu. With Takeout Hack, Olive Garden has provided an innovative solution for those who want to enjoy quality food without spending too much.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Olive Garden takeout hack?

The Olive Garden takeout hack is a money-saving method that allows customers to apply special coupon codes and discounts to their takeout orders, enabling significant savings on their meals.

How can I stay informed about new Olive Garden promotions and deals?

To Stay informed about new Olive Garden promotions And deals, You can join their email club, follow their social media accounts, Or regularly visit their official website for updates on the latest offers.

Does Olive Garden have a kids menu?

Yes, Olive Garden has a kids’ menu featuring a selection of dishes specifically designed for younger diners. The menu includes child-friendly portions and options that cater to different tastes.

Where can I find Olive Garden locations?

Olive Garden has numerous locations throughout the United States. You can find the nearest Olive Garden by visiting their website or using online mapping services.

Can I customize my order at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden is known for its flexible menu options, and they often allow customization based on customer preferences. You can inquire with the server or mention your requirements when placing a takeout order.

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