Does Olive Garden Have a Senior or Military Discount?

Does Olive Garden Have a Senior or Military Discount?

Many restaurants provide special discounts for senior citizens and military members. Do Olive Garden’s senior and military discounts exist?

Does Olive Garden Have a Senior or Military Discount

There aren’t any senior or military discounts available right now at Olive Garden. To enjoy meals without receiving any discounts, however, the cost at the restaurants is reasonable enough.

Although Olive Garden doesn’t provide a standard discount, they occasionally have special menus available.

Why Does Olive Garden not Have Senior or Military Discounts?

Popular chain restaurant The Olive Garden is well-known for its Italian cuisine. The restaurant has several fantastic selections for those seeking an Italian-style lunch.

There is no information on Olive Garden’s website regarding military or senior discounts. Because the cuisine at Olive Gardens is modestly priced, you can dine there without using a coupon.

The senior and military discounts available at various retail and restaurant companies are not available at Olive Gardens. On occasion, though, they do provide a special meal.

The Olive Garden offers an eClub that updates members about specials. By becoming an eClub member, members can also win incentives.

Members of this free membership program can accrue points on each visit through the Olive Garden mobile app. You can accrue points and get complimentary appetizers on subsequent trips by joining the eClub.

How to Save Money at Olive Garden?

There are various suggestions you can use at Olive Garden if you wish to cut costs. The following suggestions will help you save money.

Go For The Appetizer Menu

When dining at Olive Garden, the appetizer menu is a fantastic way to cut costs. Compared to Their entrees, which can cost up to $10 more, These items are more affordable.

There are numerous original items on the menu that you can customize. Olive Garden offers discounts when you order from the entree menu in addition to the appetizer menu.

For Less Money, You can have unlimited soups, salads, breadsticks, And other things. Additionally, the business provides staff discounts.

Join the eClub

By signing up for Olive Garden’s eClub, you can save money. You Can sign up to receive updates, exclusive deals, And coupons.

With the eClub, you can also get a free starter and dessert. You can download the Olive Garden mobile app if you’re a member. You can use this app to increase your point total for Olive Garden outings.

Check Out the Website For Coupons

On its website, Olive Garden distributes unique coupons that may be redeemed for price breaks on its menu items. Additionally, they provide free shipping and discounts for online purchases.

Additionally, You Can Subscribe to their Newsletter to get access to special offers and discount codes. Additionally, Keep an eye On their social media accounts for the most recent discounts And specials.

Order Water Instead Of Soda Or Alcohol

Ask for water at Olive Gardens rather than soda or wine if you’re attempting to save money. Instead of an upsell, you might be given another suggestion.

Alcohol and soda are substantially less healthy than water, which also tastes better. And it’s less expensive. You may not be aware of this, but Olive Garden once provided free water with each meal.


For active-duty or former military members, many restaurants provide a military or senior discount. However, these discounts are currently not available at Olive Garden.

You can check out their special menu or accrue points by signing up for their eClub if you want to save money. You will benefit from receiving free meals.

FAQs About Olive Garden Senior or Military Discount

Does Olive Garden have a Senior or military discount?

Olive Garden has special prices for lunch and dinner but does not provide a senior discount. You can pick from a variety of “Lunch Favorites” small-sized dishes.

Does Olive Garden give law enforcement discount?

At particular periods throughout the year, Olive Garden provides military troops and first responders with discounted or complimentary dinners.

Does Olive Garden do military discount?

Military people can get discounts at Olive Garden. In addition to restaurants, several companies provide discounts to veterans on Veterans Day.

Can the military discount be combined with other promotions or offers?

The Olive Garden military discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other deals or specials. It can still help you save money on your meal, though.

Are there any additional benefits or programs for military personnel at Olive Garden?

Olive Garden may take part in various programs benefiting the military community in addition to the military discount. For instance, you may mail deployed soldiers care packages or donate to military charity.

Is Olive Garden giving free meals for Veterans Day?

Veterans who place an in-person order can receive a complimentary dinner from a specific menu on a certain day. Olive Garden breadsticks, a soup, or a house salad are included with the meal.

Does Olive Garden have beignets?

We examined the entire menu to find which Olive Garden entrée was the most expensive. Beignets in Zeppole, Italy are highly reminiscent to churros or doughnuts. The Zeppoli meal from Olive Garden is referred to, which is rather intriguing.

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