Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu | Complete List and Guide

Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu 

Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu – Here are some of the best Olive Garden gluten-free Menu options that you must try today, most of which can be made and enjoyed without having to make any significant changes or substitutions.

Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu 

Let’s check out the Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu options 2022 below.

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Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu 2023

Olive Garden has made an effort to ensure that customers who visit their restaurant who adhere to a gluten-free diet are able to enjoy a meal.

There may not be many choices, but you will discover delicious dishes, such as the gluten-free pasta they serve when eating an evening of Italian food.


  • Famous House Salad (without croutons)


  • Rotini with Marinara
  • Rotini with Meat Sauce
  • Tuscan Sirloin
  • Herb-Grilled Salmon

Kids Entrees

  • Kids Grilled Chicken
  • Kids Rotini with Marinara
  • Kids Rotini with Meat Sauce

Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu With Prices


Olive Garden Gluten Free Salads

Famous House Salad without croutons $5.99

Olive Garden Gluten Free Entress

Gluten Free Rotini with Marinara $9.99
Gluten Free Rotini with Meat Sauce $9.99
Tuscan Sirloin $18.79
Herb-Grilled Salmon $17.29

Olive Garden Gluten Free Soup

Zuppa Toscana

Olive Garden Gluten Free Kid’s Entress

Kid’s Grilled Chicken $6.99
Kid’s Gluten Free Rotini with Marinara $5.99
Kid’s Gluten Free Rotini with meat sauce $5.99

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Popular Olive Garden Gluten Free Items

House Salad

It might seem odd to include this among the most popular dishes since it’s a starter. However, I have my reasons. Please keep reading.

This salad is simply delicious! The dressing’s principal ingredient is probably crack cocaine since I could cook a whole dinner out of this.

Or the lemony, cheesy sweetness makes it hit my taste buds. However, it’s simply YUM!

It’s loaded with pepperoncini, a large blue olives slice of tomato juice, and a zesty Italian dressing. You can also request that your server load it up with freshly grated Parmesan cheese, however much you like.

Gluten-Free Rotini With Meat Sauce

If you’re in the mood for pasta, but you’ve been unable to eat one for a while since you have food sensitivities, don’t worry. You’re not alone, and Olive Garden has your back, or… what about your stomach?

This pasta dish tastes as your mom cooked and comes with as fresh grated Parm as your heart wants.

Who said you couldn’t have pasta? Why don’t you revolt?

Herb-Grilled Salmon

Grilled Salmon is generally an excellent choice for those seeking a gluten-free dish, as Olive Garden is no exception to this standard. This flaky fish is spiced to perfection and then covered in delicious herbs, and it’s served with gorgeous grill marks all over the top.

Can you taste the delicious flavor I’m writing about? I’m sure I’m hungry.

Enjoy Olive Garden’s Gluten Free Offerings

Although Olive Garden’s gluten-free menu is not extensive and not very extensive, I think that for a place to eat pasta, they’ve made an effort to be more accommodating to those who have food sensitivities. I’ve met people who have Celiac Disease who very much miss tasty pasta and bread, and it’s often difficult for them to discover something similar to what you’re used to.

Kudos to Olive Garden for going the extra mile. If you could find gluten-free breadsticks, I’d be more than 

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Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu Tips

  • Tell your server that you’re eating gluten-free since they’ll make an additional salad with no croutons. They can also assist you with any concerns about ordering food.
  • Olive Garden states that there could be cross-contamination between sure of their foods. However, they prepare gluten-free products separately from other foods to avoid cross-contamination to the greatest extent possible.
  • The menus for Olive Garden can vary by location, so make sure to check with your favorite restaurant what they have for gluten-free options.

Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu Position

Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu Position

Olive Garden does attempt to accommodate people who follow gluten-free diets. What do I mean by Olive Garden? Is Celiac safe? It’s hard to answer. However, I would be leaning toward not. However, there are some positive things to do, and Olive Garden says the take.

The website affirms that they are trying to prevent cross-contamination. They state, “When you inform your server that you suffer from food allergies, they’ll add this information to your order. 

The kitchen will be notified that you suffer from an allergy to food and start a series of steps, including changing their gloves as well as serving dishes.

 Every one of our managers has completed an in-depth course on food safety that includes basic information about food allergies and safe food handling techniques.”

“Even having procedures and processes implemented, we recognize that we aren’t an allergen-free place. Therefore, we cannot assure you that the items we offer are free of allergens. 

We are sorry that this may not please our guests; we are very confident to be transparent about what we are able to but cannot assure.”

Suppose you’re making your choice aware of this. They will try their best to help you.

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Does Olive Garden Have Separate Fryers?

No. Everything you eat there will be cooked with all other ingredients, and they have clearly stated that on their website, which can help remove any confusion.

Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu Options

What you are looking for is… your food! Here are the Olive Garden Menu dishes that you can purchase gluten-free. Be aware that there is always a risk of cross-contamination. Be sure to do the best thing to protect your health and ensure you have all the information!


That’s all about the Olive Garden Gluten Free Menu 2022, but post your questions in the comment box if you have any questions to ask. I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. Keep visiting us at olive-garden-menu-prices.info to keep updated with such great information.

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